If there has been one thing noticed over the years, it’s that Dalton Richmond’s style and talent has no boundary. With each year passing, this 24 year-old producer from Arkansas continues to develop and progress in his craft. In 2012, he debuted his live performance by opening up to a sold out crowd, with Big Gigantic and Herobust, under the moniker WET PAiNT. Within those two years, he experienced successes that many can only hope to have during their early years of performing. In 2014, due to circumstances beyond control, he decided it was time to take a step back from this moniker to play under his birth given name, Dalton Richmond. Ultimately this became a positive thing as it allowed a fresh start and more creative freedoms. Immediately following these changes, he debuted his first EP, Foreign Language, with the established west coast label, Muti Music. In between that time and present day, he has been honored to be able to have releases on Wakaan (Liquid Stranger) and Gravitas Recordings as well. Recently, Dalton has performed with the likes of The Floozies, Minnesota, Illenium, and Zoogma, to name a few. Dalton is coming off of releasing his second EP with Muti Music and performing for the second year in a row Backwoods Music Festival. From his sleepless nights making music mixed with a strong passion for doing so, one thing is for certain – there is no sight of slowing down for Dalton Richmond.