Recipe For a Good Time:

A cup of bass, stir in a couple beats, a tablespoon of galactic stardust, equal portions of organic and synthetic; mix well. Add in the melted face sounds (which you melted over the stove before beginning), a dash of another dimension, before it all settles, quickly sift in the energy and drop it. Drop it again. One more time. Okay, now we’re cooking. Now if you’ve done everything just right and baked it at 420 degrees for just under an hour, you should have a perfectly juicy yet crunchy Chrizpy Chriz to spin some tunes for the evening. For best results, serve with a side of extra loud sound system and make sure to dance your feet off throughout the entire duration of the performance. With Chrizpy Chriz on the menu, you’ll bring a whole new array of flavours to your table even the pickiest of listeners are bound to enjoy!