Blare are a group of young producers from Lisbon, Portugal.
Bernardo Vidal, Pedro Drummond and Miguel Azevedo

All started making music with computers and synthesizers at a very young age and they also studied Music and Sound Engineering.

After completing their studies as well as spending some time in Portugal playing at parties and constantly making music, they decided to move on and try out their luck in the open world.

Vidal was invited by singer/songwriter Chris Anthem to come and produce/perform for his project Gunslinger based in Los Angeles. This is where he currently resides and works. This project combines Live rock elements with hardcore dancefloor-orientated electronica.

Miguel is currently living and working in London as well as Pedro, where he’s completing his degree in Music Technology.

Having gone through a series of electronic genres, giving them considerable production background, Blare are now seeking to innovate within the Electro/Techno/House realm. Combining genres and bringing harmony or noise where suited.