Aligning Minds is the unique and captivating collaboration of producers Daniel Merrill and Michael Folk. Ethereal and dubby, uplifting and haunting, their music winds its way through the imaginative souls of its listeners, offering a deep exploration of subsonic mood and emotional atmosphere. Focused on unifying electronic music through diverse influence, their sound fuses elements of many genres like downtempo, dubstep, breakbeat and idm – but without the need for formulaic restrictions.

The Aligning Minds sound is melodic and bass heavy. It’s emotionally charged future music that rides on hypnotic breakbeats, infectious basslines, dubby soundscapes, and idm experimentation for one to dance or lounge to. Moving forward in 2013 and beyond, they are focusing on an upcoming release schedule that will include a new full length album, features on multiple compilations and several high profile remixes – while keeping up a steady stream of live performances.

"Aligning Mind's album, My Heart Is Love, has been described as an ethereal future city. The album exploded instantly with a fury, going to No. 4 on Bandcamp's electronic music chart and inciting mass download across continents and divergent electronic music scenes. "
-- Reality Sandwich

"My Heart Is Love, a highly imaginative and thoughtful collection, is the sophomore release from east coast duo, Aligning Minds. The nine track album is an overarching, seamless progression of sound that explores the characteristics of countless genres, giving the listener access to a plethora of pan-stylistic, electronic beats. Thoroughly composed and provocatively programmatic, this timeless musical statement is ever moving, evolving, growing, and seemingly undulating. Never repetitive and far from stagnant, this set of songs moves emotionally, mentally, and physically. "
-- The Untz

"Give it up to Gravitas Recordings to bring you Aligning Minds most recent release, My Heart Is Love. The title track might be a bit familiar to you as it was released on Vermin Street earlier last year. This is the completed LP that includes the full spectrum of sound behind Aligning Minds."
-- Afromonk

"Surreal, serene and ethereal, breaks are consumed by warm basslines and melodic undertones as My Heart Is Love gracefully veers away from the confines of dubstep. Swirling low-end, chilled at the surface and magnetized by skilled musical production techniques, Daniel Merrill and Michael Folk venture through subconscious electronic panoramas."
-- Igloomag

"My Heart Is Remixed is a project flipping Aligning Minds’ “My Heart Is Love” release, and the final product is fantastic. Tons of different vibes have been channeled into one project that features a stack of producers that I need to get more familiar with. "
-- Do Androids Dance

"Aligning Minds have had an amazing year since the release of their critically acclaimed album “My Heart is Love”. In the truest nature of the Gravitas spirit, they are inviting their fans and fellow producers to remix “A Noble Truth”, “Weeping Willow” and “My Heart is Love”. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the remixes will go to Critical Beats."
-- Free Breaks Blog

"This is an aural confection best sampled through headphones, or in a quiet room with decent speakers. I say this as someone who generally doesn’t have music “on” unless I’m actively listening to it. If you don’t give it the attention of the part of your mind that listens and appreciates, you may still enjoy it, but you won’t *get* it. This is music to STFU to. (and I mean that in the best possible way)"
-- What Weekly