Abboriginal aka Mike Abb has created a genre all his own calling it ‘half-hop’. Drawing from influences such as instrumental hiphop, acid jazz and neo soul; ‘half-hop’ twists with ear-soothing retro flare combined with glitchy head-nodding beats.

Originally starting out with turntables and Roland drum machines, making home made mix tapes (yes real tapes) Abboriginal has always had a firm grasp on experimenting with sound and technology. Currently, with a strong focus on Ableton Live and his trusty OHM64 RGB, Abboriginal continues to make a big impact on the music production scenes in Texas, Colorado, Northern California and New Orleans. Through his extreme dedication to his craft Abb has spent time working with Austin Texas based Computer Instrument manufacturers Open Labs and Livid Instruments. Abb has been instrumental in helping develop, test, and spread the word about their products.

Mike Abb’s story would be incomplete without mentioning the man’s immense work in the video realm. His YouTube channel has over 400 personally produced videos with a massive play count of over 2 million! Abboriginal’s videos feature the top names in the electronic music scene as well as tutorials on software/hardware. He also is an avid VJ and can be found behind the projectors as often as the turntables.

Abboriginal is truly living up to his name and hype as an original personality in a sea of conformity. For more information visit his website at