Take a moment to listen to the album teaser from Aligning Minds upcoming album.

The Untz, one of our favorite music sites, wrote a nice review on Aligning Minds track Oak Kalendar. Read what they had to say.

Both emotionally stirring and provocative, My Heart Is Love is the second LP from East-Coast collaborative brainchild Aligning Minds. The nine track album, due for release January 29th via Gravitas Recordings, is a finely tuned venture evoking imagery of an ethereal future-city. While no two tracks sound the same, Aligning Minds does a beautiful job stitching together this sundry collection of songs seamlessly and in an engaging way. Perfectly blended sections of classic electro and intricate breaks merge with vaporous psychedelic synth-scapes, causing genre lines to blur as the countless influences wash through.

TheUntz.com has the distinct pleasure of bringing you the exclusive premiere of “Oak Kalendar” from My Heart is Love. Brooding and enigmatic, the seductive organic percussion forms a dense fog of deep introspection and warmth. Subtle melodies dance and careen off bubbling bass and high synth walls. This particular cut really showcases the attention to detail Mike Folk and Daniel Merrill put into the album as a whole.

Gravitas is truly excited to release this album. The music is a journey through styles and is almost classifiable. The artwork was done by Mugwort who is a true visionary.

We hope you enjoy this album as much as we do.