Gravitas is Born!

We are Gravitas Music – an Austin, TX based music label and creative collective which serves as a platform for artists to share their work. Since our inception in 2011, we’ve put out over 60 quality releases by musicians from around the world. Our mantra, “doing good with good music”, has become a way of life through a number of charity compilations and various other initiatives.

We are fueled by a passion to give talented musicians and visualists a platform to share their work, while showcasing our belief that art and music can serve a deeper purpose. One of our main goals is to share quality music with the community that is accessible to anyone via our signature “pay-what-you-want” delivery model.

Gravitas’ deep-rooted foundation, based on substance, knowledge and community, is best reflected by the Roman virtue of “Gravitas”. This ideal can be translated variously as seriousness, dignity, or importance, and connotes a certain depth of personality. Whether it’s music, events, multimedia projects, or anything in between, we pride ourselves on possessing integrity above all else.