Neurovation Compilation Mixtape – Psymbionic – Gravicast Ep. 15

Gravitas Recordings and Psymbionic have teamed up to create a unique charity compilation record, titled “Neurovation”. Charity:Water, whose goal is to make clean water easily accessible to rural villages and developing nations, will receive one hundred percent of the proceeds. Spanning a wide spectrum of electronic music, this collection of tracks includes a fusion of multiple bass heavy genres. Gravitas is founded on the idea that creativity fueled by passion and collaboration will produce a positive impact on the world community. Neurovation fulfills these intentions with an international team of talented producers coming together to produce a quality compilation of original songs for an amazing cause.

Check out the compilation here:
100% of the proceeds will go toward Charity:Water

KRADDY – Heart Anthem [Cryptex Remix]

Being A Creative

One of the main reasons I formed Gravitas was to create a natural group of creative individuals and within that group foster a conversation around creativity, techniques and what truly inspires us. The group also functions as a support system to keep each other creating and pushing ourselves to take risks. Alongside New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, Austin, Texas is a hotbed of creative spirits with leaders in all the arts. One of my favorite Austin creatives is Trey Ratcliff who runs an amazing website focused on HDR photography, Stuck In Customs and is one of the world’s leading experts and personalities pushing the innovative technique of HDR photography. His image of an Austin firework show over Ladybird Lake won the Smithsoniam Magazine Award.

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