Electrocado Remix Contest


Calling all producers! Gravitas Recordings has teamed up with Mr. Bill & Ryanosaurus to present a remix contest for Electrocado’s ‘Baited’ from their ‘Scribble’ LP released earlier this year. Winners of the remix contest will have their track appear on the official remix album, which will be judged by the artists and official remixers including Funi, Slynk, Psymbionic, and of course Mr. Bill and Ryanosaurus themselves! Both a grand prize winner and a runner up will be chosen to appear on the release, and in addition will receive prizes from SubPac, Livid Instruments, Glitchmachines, Twisted Tools, iZotope, and more. Submissions are due by November 3rd, 2015 and must be submitted to the remix contest SoundCloud group – get to work, and good luck!




Finish your remix, upload it to your SoundCloud page, and submit to the official remix SoundCloud group for consideration! Submission deadline is November 3rd, 2015.

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The Album


After what some fans may have feared as an indefinite hiatus, Mr. Bill and Ryanosaurus return, at last, to serve up Scribble. Prepare your palate for a digital mural of moist, misty-morning-drive anthems, bass-laden beat burgers, and savory electronica.

The latest Electrocado offering is loaded with juicy sound-quenchers, and studded with tasty collabs, featuring Circuit Bent, FM Radio Gods, and Morgan Agren. Scribble is flecked with the auditory oddities of crunchy snares and saucy slaps, rippled with acoustic riffs, and sprinkled with whistley whimsical bits, all aiming to indulge a gluttonous ear.

The avo-lution of Electrocado is apparent: with the last 3 years being focused on their individual projects, the duo have emerged once again to reveal their most stylistically varied album yet. Scribble is carefully concocted to leave the robust soundscape wafting through your daydreams and lingering into your afterthoughts.

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