Of the Trees Presents: Selections Vol. 3 Mixtape – Great North Edition

Jam Of The Tree's latest mixtape. This is his basic set from Great North 2014.

Brede presents Fresh Cuts 003

Episode 3 of Brede's new mix series "Fresh Cuts".

The Digital Connection Presents Equinox Mix Tape

The Digital Connection (Got Bass, MHSM) is the musical vision of the Colorado native Ricky Shine.  Since 2009, DC has been tearing crowds apart with an arsenal of brilliant melodic patterns and soul crunching baselines.  This mix consists of hyphy/dancefloor material as well as chilled out ambient downtempo beats.

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DJ Analytic – Make You Feel December Gravicast

DJ Analytic (Ross Miller) plays an intelligent mix of hip hop and electronic music in and around NYC. Known for his eclectic lounge to diverse crowds, the Von Bar resident since 2011 has played at hot spots such as tenjune, SL, and Hotel Chantelle to name a few. Also a teaching assistant at Scratch DJ Academy.

This mix combines chill electronic, hip hop, 80s, drum n bass, electro hop, and glitch for a lounge feel, 39 tracks over 60 minutes, recorded live on 2 Technics 1200s & Serato:

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Gravicast – Libations & Oscillations Presents Art Outside 2013 Tonal Totem

Libations & Oscillations dropped a soulful set for the recent Art Outside event, 60 minutes of smooth, intelligent bass music. Libations & Oscillations consists of a ragtag band of ne’er-do-well’s who are just as likely to pick your pockets as rock your ear sockets. Fueled by a myriad of otherworldly alcoholic concoctions gently blended in a shaker of sound, they hope to present you with a breathtaking collection of frequencies and textures.

Futexture 2013 Summer Tasty Treat Mix

Futexture presents with gratitude the 2013 Summer Tasty Treat Mix, a collection of unreleased, forthcoming, and reworked tunes played in heavy rotation over the past few months.  Transmuting subtle vibrational awareness into tangible auditory form is the logical evolution of a lifelong musical obsession for David Krantz, a 23 year old multi-instrumentalist and producer, based out of Asheville, NC.

Combining the rhythmic appeal of dubstep, glitch hop, and house with melodic dreamscapes, creative sound design, and acoustic instrumentation, Futexture skillfully weaves a futuristic blend of glitchy, bass-heavy IDM, jazzy techstep, and contemplative downtempo into a highly personal style.