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Arkansas native producer/dj Aaron Spence AKA. Fractal Sky started his musical journey long ago as a young child growing up around his grandmother’s piano, Where he would spend long days learning songs by ear, which led him into playing more classical instruments such as the euphonium, trombone, trumpet and some saxophone. Growing up in the pop punk era in the late 90’s early 2000s he began playing in bands where he learned to play bass guitar, lead/rhythm guitar, and lead vocals. Learning to record his bands and hitting late night parties and raves led him into the early 2000 breaks/trance era of music and music production.  In 2003, Aaron began experimenting with early 2000 breakbeat/trance production. He slowly started to grasp the raw low ends of analog synthesizers and super tight breaks and cuts. In 2006 He released his first breakbeat track under the name “dj FL!P”.. Still determined and eager to learn, Aaron followed his heart to create the sound he’s most desired. By 2010 his sounds have evolved into a super funky , glitched out, groovy, tight, and an emotionally uplifting sound that he calls “Fractal Sky”.