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CLOUDCHORD wants to bring a new vision to the dancefloor. He approaches most of his tracks from a classic songwriting perspective: from the top down. “When there is a strong melody, the beats tend to write themselves,” says the Austin, TX based producer.

He’s tirelessly building in the studio these days, with most sessions beginning at dawn. “I’m closer than ever at recreating the things I hear on my own without an instrument or computer, and it’s pretty damn exciting,” Those sounds tend to resemble a fusion of Disco and Deep House, with Live Guitars throughout. He refers to the blend as “Future Surf.”

“So many instrumentalists ignore the treasures of electronic production, and I also hear a lot of of producers saying they feel the need to up their musical game. My vision is to blend tradition and future tastefully.”

With spectacular live performances at festivals all over the country, to running a week long intensive workshop in electronic music at CoSM, the multifaceted appeal of Cloudchord cannot be denied. 2015 also signified a busy year in film scoring, as his music was a prominent feature in the Sundance selection “In Football We Trust,” as well as a in a handful of commercials on NBC.

In 2010 VanScoten began releasing electronic music and touring under the name D.V.S*. In 2015, after hundreds of shows and tracks released, he emerged with a fresh new sound and look named Cloudchord. Incorporating Lapsteel guitar alongside his widely known electric guitar skills, the Future Surf sound is paving the way for a new sub genre of house.

The current moniker reflects the process from which his music arrives. One of the definitions for “Cloud” is particles suspended the air. “I listen to everything from renaissance guitar music to pop, and feel like an antenna receptor for sounds in the atmosphere. From there I digest it through my own filter and put it back out into the world ”

"Guitarist D.V.S* dove headfirst when remixing the eerie Beatles classic “Because,” spreading what feels like sunlight and psychedelia all over it. Hear the quartet’s live instrumentation meet today’s typical womping bass merge in the his remix of the 1969 song off Abbey Road. The song still holds on to some of its dark roots, but D.V.S*’s remix puts it under a totally different light."
-- Nina Corcoran

" In a scene so overfilled it really is hard to find a fish, which stands out from the rest. An artist that has constructed his own, unique sound is a really difficult, but also rewarding, task to accomplish. About a year looking for new music I stumbled across someone whose sound truly made me go “WOAH! This is different and I absolutely love it!” That artist’s name is Derek VanScoten (D.V.S*)"
-- Casey Jones

"This is something that’s been a long time coming, and we couldn’t be much happier with the result. Brooklyn based producer and guitarist D.V.S* dropped his brand new album, Hit the Clouds Running, through Gravitas Records. The album features appearances from many of our favorite mellow music artists, including Cherub, Govinda and Psymbionic."
-- Funkadelphia

"There is no denying the raw talent of D.V.S*. He manages to blend guitar and electronic frequencies in a unique and tasteful manner. His range of sounds is actually quite astounding. Throughout his new release, Hit the Clouds Running, he incorporates funk, jazz, 80’s, and other varied sounds in a way that makes listeners want to move."
-- Afromonk

"A lot of collaboration went into the creation of this soundtrack, featuring guest artists such as Govinda and Psymbionic, as well as a myriad of vocalists and instrumentalists. The result is a lighthearted, groovy progression full of eclecticism. Elements of EDM are mixed with indie rock guitar (think Ratatat), trap beats, folk banjo plucking, funk bass slapping, classical re-takes, and mildly forlorn, but nonetheless beautiful vocal samplings. "
-- The Untz

"Hit The Clouds Running, the second full length album on Gravitas Recordings from Brooklyn based artist D.V.S*, is a ten track escapade through fertile grassy fields, arousing feelings of passion through guitar-driven harmony. "
-- Lost In Sound